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How to Connect With Your Retail Followers on Pinterest

When a retail product earns the respect of consumers online, information about that product is often passed along to other social media users. This is called earned advertising, and it can help your brand to be reached through online message and image sharing. Now that you’re ready to start using Pinterest to expand your retail brand, this post will lead you in the right direction to earn a following that will extend your reach beyond the common pinboard.

Pinterest for Retailers 3

Target Your Retail Audience

Observe how your target audience is using Pinterest to their advantage. Create pinboards that

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Using Pinterest For Business – Advanced Tactics – Pinterest Contests

Beyond the Basics: Pinterest Contest Examples

Running contests on Pinterest is a great way to motivate your followers to repin your products around their boards. Think Facebook contests before all of the Facebook regulations and 3rd Party sites (WildfireApp, OfferPop, etc.).

Pinterest allows for contests right on the site. Click Here for their fine print: http://pinterest.com/about/terms/

2 Methods for Creating Your Own Pinterest Contest

Followers Pin Your Stuff

This is my favorite of the Pinterest contest options because it makes participating super easy. This contest allows followers to use Pinterest functions (pins and repins) without having to create their own original content.

The Idea

Followers create their own board for your contest that includes pins or repins from your boards (using your products) and from other boards. The best board wins a grand prize.

How To Do It

Use a theme to pull the contest together and create an image that promotes the contest. Pin the image and link it back to your site where the rules are explained further, or you can put all the rules in the image. Require participants to use a hashtag in their pin descriptions to make searching for contest entries easier. Also require them to follow all of your boards.

Create instructions for your followers to either repin pins of your products or to create new pins from products on your website. Require at least 5 of your products to increase visibility.

Advise followers that they can pin other pins from across the Pinterest universe to complete the board.

Put a date and time limit around the contest and choose a winner. This type of contest is actually a “sweepstakes” because the method of selecting a winner is a random drawing.

Ramp It Up
Create images of the top 3 boards, post them to Facebook and have a “Like” vote on Facebook. This increases awareness of your Pinterest Board through cross-social-site promotion.

Pinterest Contest Examples:

  • Restaurants: Pin Your Favorites: Late Night Grub, Dinner for Two, Best Lunch Dishes
  • Furniture Store, Interior Designer, Lighting Store, Home Décor Store: Decorate a Room with Pins
  • Flower Shop, Caterer: Design Your Perfect Wedding with Pins and Repins
  • Travel Agent: Plan Your Ideal Around the World Vacation with Pins and Repins

Get It?

Followers Create Their Own Original Content

This contest takes a bit more effort on the participant’s part to enter the contest because they create their own original content; thus, you may not receive as many entries.

The Idea

Followers create pins on your board with pictures of themselves using your products. The pin with the most “likes” or repins, wins the grand prize.

How To Do It

Use a theme to pull the contest together and create an image that promotes the contest. Pin the image and link it back to your site where the rules are explained further, or you can put all the rules in the image. Require participants to use a hashtag in their pin descriptions to make searching for contest entries easier. Also require them to follow all of your boards.

Create instructions that explain contest entrants must take a photo of themselves using, wearing, etc. your product. They must then upload the photo, linking it back to your site, and pinning it to YOUR public board.

Ramp It Up
Allow Repins and Retweets (on Twitter) to count as entries too. This increases awareness of your Pinterest Board through cross-social-site promotion.

Pinterest Contest Examples:

  • Restaurants: You and Your Top 5 Favorite Dishes In Baton Rouge
  • Furniture Store, Interior Designer, Lighting Store, Home Décor Store: You and Your Favorite Pieces, Favorite Chair, etc.
  • Flower Shop, Caterer: You and Your Wedding, Event, Bouquet
  • Travel Agent: Pin Your Favorite Vacation Photo

Get it?

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Part2 Profitable B2B Inbound Marketing Interview with Jason Durham

This post is a continuation of our interview with Jason Durham, Social Media Director for PacTec.  You can read the first half of our interview with Jason here.

Now, back to the interview:

Jason Durham, Social Media Speaker Consultant Blogger Vagabond

Ryan: Specifically, what inbound marketing techniques have you used at PacTec to attract leads and which of those have been most successful?

Jason: I am not really a proponent of techniques, or technologies, being more important than the “method to the madness”. I really am a firm believer that the first thing a company has to do is realize their assets. A company should look at the data they have, look at their current market, and develop a plan on how to merge those two together! It’s the strategy right?

That’s what you are killer at doing Ryan. When a company has a plan, it really doesn’t matter what technology they use, however, the right tools makes the difference in the angle of the mountain they have to climb.

When a foundation has been laid on the why, who, and when, a company can discern the content they need to create in order to reach their market. It builds that whole trust thing.

At PacTec, we are the established industry leader in what we do. People know who we are and what we manufacture, and that was through many conjoined efforts company wide, including hardcore outbound marketing. The motivation to use inbound marketing was two fold:

  • Establish ourselves as the knowledge leaders of all things dealing with industry we do business with.
  • The second was, of course, lead generation.

The optimal technique for us was . . . blogging. Using blogging, landing pages and call-to-actions out the wazoo has been a sick mixture of success for us! We are averaging a ton of unique qualified leads, and the revenue to boot. I will say this though – our web presence has been such an influential part of our success. Most B2B sites are really nothing more than glorified brochures, right? How many companies will actually admit that? We did, and we changed that with a focused push to utilize call-to-actions.

We want the visitor to have every opportunity to get more information, or quote, from anywhere on the site, as well as giving them the ability to connect with us on the big bad daddy’s on the internet(s). You know, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Ryan: Blogs should be a BIG part of a B2B strategy, I agree, and your use of Calls to Action is great.  They are all over.  Let customers decide how they want to contact you.  Make it easy for them in every step of the sales funnel.

What advice would you give B2B companies that haven’t fully committed to inbound marketing to get them off the fence?

Jason: Wow. Great question! I can share with you why we decided to get into the inbound marketing game, if that would be cool?

For us, we have always focused on being “ahead of the curve” of our competitors. I personally had been using social media for years, and started, on my own, to start using social media methods to push our company. I think the turning point for us, as well as many other B2B’s is this – traditional, or outbound, marketing costs were increasing, while the main cost for much of the startup of inbound marketing was sweat equity. It took over a year to convince management and sales of the validity of inbound marketing, but when revenue started to flow from qualified leads, their mindset changed!

I really am convinced that a company has to come to the realization, on their own, that we did. You can’t convince, or influence, someone who doesn’t first want to grow, change, or be successful.

Ryan:  I hear ya.  With Social Media and Inbound Marketing just coming on the scene, people are slow to change, slow to adopt.  So we as marketers have to do what we can to help educate them and convert them to the new methods. 

Now it’s your turn for your 5 minute pitch…why should someone connect with you for your consultation?

Jason:  My five minute pitch is really not a pitch but it’s this . . . buy me a killer cup of coffee and let’s hang out and chew the fat. I know that may make no sense to some, but that really is social media. It’s connecting. It’s socializing. It’s community, right?

I love to talk shop. I love to talk marketing, and when it’s done right, it can help a company be successful. My passion is to see companies become successful in their efforts, and if I can help usher them to that, or even just help them figure out the maze of this crazy internet, man . . . that’s my thing!

So, I guess that’s not really a pitch, but rather a mission statement. I have been blessed with success, and love to share it. I get a buzz out of seeing someone realize that inbound marketing is doable, and that success is attainable, in spite of what they have always known as . . . what they have always done!

Ryan: One last thing…How can someone get in touch with you either on or offline?

Jason: Thanks man for letting me ramble, and I love to connect with people. Anyone can connect with me through these links:

Twitter: @jasondurham and @pactec

Web: www.pactecinc.com and www.jasonmdurham.com

Email: Jason@pactecinc.com and Jason@jasonmdurham.com

Our thanks goes out to Jason for his time for this interview.

If you’d like more info on how he can help you with B2B Inbound Marketing, check him out at the links above.


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Sneak A Peek – Super Bowl Social Media Command Center

Talk about giving Social Media the proper treatment.

Command Center for the Super Bowl

That's a 9 Panel LED wall monitor!

The guys over at the Indianapolis based, Interactive Marketing Company, raidious and the Super Bowl Host Committee created this sweet 2,800 sq ft facility to house the Social Media dream team covering Super Bowl XLVI.

With seating for 35, redundant fibre internet access, and 50 staff and volunteers working to help people have a great Super Bowl experience, these guys are setting high marks for the Social Media command centers around the world.

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub (YouTube vid link) software was selected out of 60 other social media management solutions to provide the raidious team with the kind of social media reach that’s required for this massive event.

Command Center PeepsThe goal of the Social Media Command Center is to provide people with the information they need through whatever channel they prefer. Tweets, status updates, blog posts, etc. about the Super Bowl will be monitored and responded to quickly to help disseminate information to the masses.

In parallel, the team will be covering the events leading up to the Super Bowl and will be amplifying positive messages across all social media channels.

An aisle view of the Command Center

Oh, to be in Indianapolis this weekend. What a ride this will be.

More info on the Raidious Super Bowl XLVI Social Media Command Center

More info on the Awareness Social Marketing Hub


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Secrets to Local Marketing Success with Google Places Part2

This is the second post in the Local Marketing Success with Google Places post series.  Our blog focuses on helping Retailers and Restaurants in the Baton Rouge area understand how to use social and mobile marketing to increase business, but the information in this post applies to any business with a physical location. 

If you missed the first half of this post, you can find it here.

Your Google Places Page

Now that we have your website optimized with internal/external links and meta data, and we have your other listing sites matching each other exactly, it is time to create your Google Places listing.

Go to Google.com/places/ and follow the prompts to complete your business listing.

Here are a couple of notes to follow to optimize your listing and get the most from your Google Place.

Fill Out Everything Completely – Don’t forget to include your Hours of Operation or Dog’s name if it asks for it. Google weighs complete listings higher on the set of search results than incomplete listings.

Use Keywords – Google will ask you for descriptions of your industry and business in general. Be sure that these descriptions include keywords about your company. Be specific. Don’t just be a graphic designer. Be a graphic designer that specializes in working with small businesses in the Baton Rouge area. Keywords are your Search Engine’s friend. Use them where you can.

Photos – Google LOVES multimedia. Photos are a great way to elevate your listing above the noise of other listings. Plus, people love them too. Add photos where you can and be sure to include those keywords in your photo descriptions. To give Google an extra added tickle, slide on over to Flickr.com and post your photos there too. Make sure to use keywords, and geo-tag them with your city/address.

Connect your YouTube videos – Got any on YouTube? Great! Connect them. If you chose to post them on a video sharing site that isn’t the second most search site in the world, that’s too bad. Google will only allow videos from YouTube. Go post them there.

Check Your Snail Mail, Seriously

Seriously. After you complete your business listing online, Google will send you a postcard in the actual United States Postal Service to the address you listed. This post card will have a confirmation number on it and a web address. Visit the web address and enter the confirmation. This tells Google that you weren’t kidding when you created your listing.

Offer Cool Stuff to Visitors

Now that you are all confirmed and stuff, Google allows you to offer coupons and stuff to your Google Places visitors. If you don’t have anything cool to offer, create a coupon to have free coffee with you to meet and greet new people.

Reviews – The Motherload

Nothing demonstrates to others that you know your stuff better than other people vouching for you. Encourage current and past customers to visit the review sites we mentioned earlier (especially Google) to write a review about your company. Send them an email with your request and with a direct link to your listing on a couple of sites.  Give us a hand and write a quick review about our blog on our Place Listing.  Click here

Google weighs quality reviews higher than crappy ones, so encourage reviewers to answer a series of questions in their review or to write as detailed as possible. Reviews like “The food was great.” aren’t going to cut it enough for Google to care.

Finally, Don’t Lie.

Don’t pay someone to write fake reviews. Don’t create a fake login and create them yourself. Enough said.

Offer Incentives

If you are still a little squirmy about asking people for reviews, offer a coupon or some other incentive. You could even offer to review their business in exchange. But if people like your company, they won’t mind leaving reviews.


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