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Profitable B2B Inbound Marketing Interview with Jason Durham

Last month Jason Durham interviewed me for his blog. You can catch the two posts here and here if you missed them.

Now it’s my turn to ask Jason a few questions. This interview with him is based specifically on how B2B companies can use inbound marketing to increase leads and ultimately sales. Here we go…

Ryan: Jason, tell us who you are, what you do, and who you work for…

Jason Durham B2B Marketing

I love the look on Jason's face. He's like "B2B Marketing Problems? Bring it."

Jason: Cool! First off, thanks for hooking me up with a great interview earlier! To those reading this . . . hit Ryan up for his mad ninja social media skill! He has an amazing insight in helping companies discover the “why” and “how” in this world of inbound marketing! He is also a great speaker!

So, who am I? That’s really a loaded question! Ha! I am an irreverent guy from Louisiana who has been doing traditional marketing for around 16 years now at an amazing company.

Officially I am the Marketing, Creative, and Social Media Director for PacTec, Inc. based in Louisiana. It’s a great place to work with really amazing people!

I also have a special needs child which leads me to mentioning my passion to help non-profits, specifically those who help special needs children, with their social media strategies. Not many of them have the budgets to really pump into a full time social media person, so I get to sit down with them, have some coffee and help them push their vision through social media. It’s highly rewarding . . . and fun! I love it!

Ryan: Thanks for the kind words!  “A great speaker.”?  You have been sheltered, my friend. haha 

I love the fact that you were able to create a successful inbound marketing strategy for PacTec from the ground up. No huge budget to start. No big consulting firms. Just hard work.

So, what comes to mind when we talk about inbound marketing? Define it for us in your own words.

Jason: I don’t think you can really understand, or have a concept of, what inbound marketing is, without first having some understanding of what outbound marketing is. Outbound marketing is usually considered “old school”, you know? It’s print media, radio and tv spots, telemarketing and even direct mail. It’s basically a push – you are pushing your product to, and some say “on”, your audience.

Inbound however is different in approach. Inbound is really about relationships right? It’s about building trust through awesome content that people are looking for! Inbound isn’t just (the) Facebook or Twitter, but it’s about connecting and actually becoming what Chris Brogan and Julien Smith mentioned in their book . . . inbound is about becoming a trust agent! When you build trust . . . you build this whole influence level. That’s why ROI with inbound marketing is usually considered return on influence, rather than return on investment.

But let me say this . . . as a B2B, I really think it is imperative to have both your outbound and your inbound marketing “cross the streams” so to speak. They really can, and should, be complimentary to, and supportive of each other. If a B2B company thinks they can get away with just doing inbound marketing, then they really take the chance of screwing the pooch with their marketing efforts! Inbound marketing also does give you the ability to measure your return on investment in your outbound marketing efforts!

Ryan: I describe Outbound marketing as “shouting a message at a group of people who either are or are not potential customers. Let’s tell them what WE want them to hear whether they want to hear it or not. If we say it enough times, maybe they’ll understand.” Right? Whereas Inbound IS about relationships, I agree. What a great answer!

This was just the first of a two part post with Jason Durham. Stay tuned for the second half where we discuss the specifics of how Jason uses Inbound Marketing to attract customers and his advice for companies looking to start their own Inbound Marketing strategy.

In the meantime, check out Jason’s kick ass blog on B2B Social Media and Inbound Marketing.

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