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Pinterest Images – How to Create Shareable Informational Images

Pinterest Images are shared across the social media site everyday, but you don’t need a visual business to benefit from the virality of the site.  In this post you’ll learn how to create shareable images for Pinterest even if your business is photo-phobic.

Pinterest Images – The End Result

The image below was created using the steps in this article where we explain how to create shareable Pinterest Images.

Pinterest Images End

Pinterest Images – What’s the Problem? 

So where do you generate ideas for your Pinterest Images? Think about the problems that your audience has that you can help solve.

An easy way to generate ideas for problems is to think about questions you or your employees are asked most often by customers.  Write down 5 of the most popular questions and use them to create Pinterest Images.

In our example, our restaurant client constantly hears this from their customers:

“This Margarita is great! What’s in it?” 

Pinterest Images – Solve Their Problem 

So we now have a list of problems to address.  You now need to provide the solution via a Pinterest Image. 

Here’s How: 

Choose an Image.  You can either go to a stock photo site (like and purchase an image or you can use an original photo from your camera.

Open the image in MS Paint or Similar Editor (like Gimp – a free photoshop like editor) and resize it to some mangageable width and height. 500 pixels wide usually offers enough detail at a manageable size.

Here is our original image (reduced in size for this post):

Pinterest Images BlankAdd a transparent box (about 60% transparency) to the left hand side of the image.  If you are working in MS Paint, use the “Marker” brush selection. Use a black box for light colored images and a white box for dark colored images.

Pinterest Images Box

Add your text to the box.  Be sure to give it a short headline sized larger than the standard text.

Pinterest Images Text

Ramp It Up
Add your website and a call to action at the bottom of the text box or the bottom of the image to entice the reader to learn more.

Upload your image to Pinterest.  Be sure to link back to your site, Facebook page, etc. where additional information about the question you are answering can be found.  Also, for search purposes in Pinterest, copy the text you added to the image and paste it in the Pinterest Description box.

The Final Result

Pinterest Images Final

By following these simple techniques, you should now be able to create shareable Pinterest Images with ease to help spread your “solutions” to your customers problems.  Easy enough?


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