The How To Market a Restaurant eBook

How to Market a Restaurant eBook7 Steps to Effective Restaurant Marketing
in Only 25 Minutes a Day

Inside How to Market a Restaurant:

How to use a small advertising budget to have highly qualified customers walking through your doors.  We’ll use the same tactics and tools the Big Chains use without the Big Chain Expense.

How this one question you probably aren’t asking Advertising Sales Reps about the effectiveness of their products shuts them up and gets them thinking about how to actually help you.

How to focus your efforts to only those strategies that work effectively, so you’re not wasting time or money on ineffective marketing.

How to use Social Media sites to create a Word-of-Mouth Machine that introduces new customers to your restaurant and helps convert existing customers in to Brand Ambassadors.


Big Promises, Right?

We know.  We’re confident you’ll love How to Market a Restaurant.

Oh Yeah, Another Thing…

We’re fluff haters, so this ebook is going to be different from the other books you’ve read on the internet.

How to Market a Restaurant has no lengthy introductory paragraphs or wasted space.  No glossy information about what you “should” do without telling you “how” to do it.

What you CAN expect from the How to Market a Restaurant eBook:

    • A ton of high quality information to help you grow your sales.
    • A down-to-earth, personal writing tone in this book.  (There may be grammatical errors.)
    • To spend time implementing the steps and information outlined in this book and watch your sales grow.

How to Market a Restaurant eBook Download

Are You…

  • Worried about high food costs?
  • Unsure how to compete with the big chains and their big advertising budgets?
  • Drained from the slick advertising reps that hound you with products of the week?
  • Tired of wasting money on expensive and ineffective marketing?

Stop the madness!

How to Market a Restaurant eBook Download

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