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How to Market a Restaurant – Mobile Marketing Part 1

This series of articles “How to Market a Restaurant” takes you behind the scenes of how we developed our Restaurant Social Media Marketing Package and shows you the strategies behind it.  This package was developed specifically for owners searching for restaurant marketing techniques that work.  Enjoy…

Restaurant Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming a huge presence in how your restaurant customers find and interact with you.  If after hearing all the hype about mobile marketing online and on TV, you are still not convinced that mobile marketing is the next wave of customer engagement, consider this…

Morgan Stanley researchers projected that based on current trends by the end of 2013 mobile users will surpass Desktop/Laptop Computer users to access the internet.

Mobile Users Statistics

Customers are using Smartphones to Help with Shopping

Customers are not using phones just to make purchases.  They are using phones for research, interactivity, and saving money. Restaurant owners looking to interact with customers on a greater basis should take a serious look at mobile marketing.

Customers are Using Smartphones for Shopping

The bottom line of restaurant marketing is to drive sales.  Using mobile marketing tools to interact with customers on different levels will drive customers to you.

How are you connecting with customers via their mobile phones?  Are you taking a strategic approach or a “post and host” approach?

Our Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing Packages were developed specifically for Restaurants.

Give us a call at 225-788-2617 or email us at for more info on how you can connect, interact, and engage customers through the device they use the most, their mobile phone.

Stay tuned for Part II of this post coming soon…


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