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Why Work With Us?
Build Your Bottom Line

Social Media will increase sales if it’s implemented correctly.  No generic COOKIE CUTTER packages here. You’ll get a strategy that’s specific to your business and that complements your other marketing channels.

See Immediate Results

We’ll get everything setup for you right away so you can begin to see the benefits of having a rock star social media presence.  We’ll also measure everything so you can track the growth and ROI of your investment.

Activate Your Customers

Customers WANT to spread good word-of-mouth for you.  You just need to know how to activate them and make it easy to share!  We’ll get your positive word-of-mouth machine working to your advantage.

Avoiding Social Media Might Be Costing You Sales
Think About It...

Your inactivity on social media may already be costing you money if you’re not properly managing your reputation.

Customers may be telling their friends about their negative experiences with your store and if you’re not monitoring those conversations, you will never have the opportunity to respond.

Bacon Social Media can manage your online reputation, seek out conversations about your store, and help you respond appropriately.

How many sales are YOU losing?


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